Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My challenge part 2 : The lore deck

Let's start with the decklist :

The power of Lore

Hero (3)
Denethor (Core) x1
Glorfindel (Core) x1
Thalin (Core) x1

Ally (25)
Daughter of the Nimrodel (Core) x3
Erebor Hammersmith (Core) x3
Gildor Inglorion (THoEM) x2
Gleowine (Core) x2
Haldir of Lorien (AJtR) x2
Henamarth Riversong (Core) x2
Miner of the Iron Hills (Core) x3
Gondorian Spearman (Core) x3
Veteran Axehand (Core) x3
Gandalf (Core) x2

Attachment (5)
A Burning Brand (CatC) x3
Forest Snare (Core) x2

Event (20)
Beorn's Hospitality (Core) x2
Gildor's Counsel (THoEM) x2
Infighting (AJtR) x2
Lore of Imladris (Core) x3
Lorien's Wealth (Core) x3
Secret Paths (Core) x2
Strider's Path (THFG) x3
Blade Mastery (Core) x3
The deck is kind of simple. I use the Lore's strength to draw cards and to heal my characters,

How did it workout?
I try this deck twice against the Journey to Rhosgobel adventure,

Game 1
I had some problem dealing with the flyers. So I had to block with Wilyador and to attack with Haldir. But I lost Denetor around the third turn and Gonfindel at turn 6.

Game 2
I was holding a little better this time thank to Denethor and Henamarth for deck management, But I finally lost because of the death of Wilyador.

My final though
I think that the deck was doing well, but it was missing some ranged character to deal with the enemy. I think that it would be a good support deck.

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