Hi, Gobliin here.
         First of all, I must ask your forgiveness about spelling and grammatical mistake. Even if I consider myself good in English, my mother tongue is French. So if you found any mistake, be kind we me and send me an e-mail to tell me about it in an e-mail with a small explication so that I can correct myself in the future.

        As for my gaming past, I am a big fan of TCG. I have played Magic the gathering for 15 years and I have tried some other TCG. I like to brainstorm on different deck and strategy. I'm not a big tournament player, but I had won my share of small tournament.

        The thing that bring my interest to Lord of the Ring : the card game is his cooperative nature. I'm a competitive player and it kind of discourage some of my friends (and my girlfriend) when they are facing one of my competitive deck. So I turn myself to coop game so that I can be the best I can without discouraging the other players.

        For now, my favorite sphere is Leadership. I like the extra resource. My favorite characters from the book are Thorin Oakenshield and Aragorn. As a card, I really like Aragorn because of is flexibility.  Even if I don't play a lot, I decided to create this blog so I can share my thoughts about this game. I will try to post an article each week. I'm doing it for fun so don't be too hard on me, but I'M open to all your constructive comment that can lead to discussion.

         I hope you will have as much fun reading this blog as I will writing it. Good reading.